Amazing Race Monster Truck Heroes S26 E12

Amazing Race Finale

Remember, Mike and Rochelle did not get eliminated, the race was still going when they go to the Pit Stop last week.  Now they must fly from Peru to Dallas, Texas.

Dallas, Texas

Dallas Amazing Race

AT&T Stadium Road Block

They have to get dress up in a Cowboys uniform, ride to the top of the stadium via a pulley, then you must catch a touchdown and then kick a field goal.

ATT Stadium Amazing Race

ATT Stadium Amazing Race

Laura & Tyler and Blair & Hailey finish at the same time. Laura and Tyler’s driver does not where the next place is so they tell him to follow Blair and Hailey’s cab.  B&H know they are doing that and they are not leaving.   It’s a stand-off. They finally all take off.

Cowboy Up

amazing race cowboy up

Teams must now corral cows.  It gets pretty crazy, Tylers horse hauls ass on him. Tyler and Jelani finish.  Blair is already through.  By the time Mike and Rochelle get there, they are too late. All the cattle have been rounded up and they are eliminated. They got further than I ever thought they would! Good job!

Mike Rochelle Amazing Race

Reunion Tower Roadblock

Reunion Tower Amazing Race Hailey

They must go to the top of Reunion tower and spot a clue while repelling down.  Hailey is first and she is too worried about the fact that Blair might be telling her what to do instead of looking for a REAL clue! She sees these red flags and calls it good:

Amazing Race Hailey Mistake

She doesn’t take her time, I know she just can’t wait to get down to tell Blair off for cheering her on.  WATCH!  This is the real clue!!

amazing race flags

They head out and drive all over looking for the parking garage she thought she saw.

Laura and Jenny find it from up above right away. When they get down, Laura and Tyler get right to the flags.  They get to 4×4 in these HUGE monster trucks.

laura tyler amazing race monster truck

Jenny and Jelani are about 10 minutes behind them.  Blair and Hailey have to go back to Reunion Tower and do it all over again.

hailey reunion tower

Selfie Shed

Once they are finished driving the monster truck they have to go to a huge storage shed and unlock their race selfies.  They must know the legs and locations of the Race.  Did they take notes?  We know this is how they always end, you MUST know the legs of the race.

Laura and Tyler are there first but can’t remember the legs. Jenny and Jelani walk up about ten minutes later and figure it out right away.  They get into their sheds and start grabbing their selfies.

Jenny Jelani Amazing Race

Laura finally cracks the combo and they get to their super-cute selfies. They started arranging them in chronological order.  Jenny and Jelani try to get the next clue but they have done theirs wrong. Laura and Tyler finish and get the clue!

laura tyler final challenge amazing race

They are outta there! They get to drive the truck back through the track and crowd. They are PUMPED to see Blair and Hailey just got there. They realize they are in first and they go nuts!  Tyler is yelling, “America!” at the crowd.  I love it, got my all misty-eyed.

laura tyler amazing race monster truck

They jump in a cab and have to go to Continental Avenue Bridge. This dumb, mother f’n cabbie doesn’t know where that is!!!!!!!  They get another cabbie to tell him.  Jenny and Jelani are on their heels.  Laura and Tyler’s cabbies takes off and during the ride they realize he is taking them to the wrong bridge. OMG I would lose it, completely lose it.  Jenny and Jelani’s cab knows where to go but is not getting there as fast as they need.

Final Pit Stop

Amazing Race Finish Line Laura Tyler

The cabbie made it, LAURA AND TYLER WIN!!! They win at life too, I LOVE this couple.  LOVE THEM. I will be completely shattered if they don’t get married and have lots of babies. He loves her, look at him look at her:

Tyler loves Laura

Laura Tyler Phil Amazing Race Finale

laura and tyler love amazing race

amazing race last selfie

I am so sad. I loved this season, I do not want it to end!

Amazing Race romance

Until next time…

goodbye amazing race