The Amazing Race: Krakow, I’m Gonna Get You S27 Ep8

Krakow, Poland

Teams are now on their way to Krakow, Poland. They must find a barge turned into a boat. At the bottom of the pool is their next clue. Justin and Diana are the first ones out on a flight alone and the first ones to get their next clue.

plaza krakow

Detour – Mine or Music

In Mine teams must go to a mine and mine for salt. They have to haul, load, roll to complete, it is hard physical work.

amazing race detour mine

In Music teams must play the piano in accompaniment to a professional violin player. They must learn to play, then take their piano to a park where they must collect $200 by begging and then they can get their next clue.

amazing race detour music

It is kind of a trip.  The only couple to struggle getting any money is the Cheerleaders, nobody wants anything to do with them. They get discouraged and Krista even cries. They finally get it and move on last.  It should be said that James Earl and Denise kicked butt on this one. JE is an amazing piano player.

Next, teams will stop at Schindler’s Museum.  I love that they are doing this! They stop and have a moment of reflection for the Jewish victims of the Holocaust.

Schindler Office Amazing Race

Schindler’s List:

Schindlers List

After that they head to the Jewish District in Krakow to serve up some delicious Jewish cuisine.

amazing race roadblock serve it up

They will receive a list of food with quantities for each. They must grab the correct dishes and deliver them to a doorman. Justin and Kelsey both do their research and find out what each dish is, they finish pretty quick and the Pitstop is just inside the building they are standing outside of.

amazing race justin and diana krakow poland

Next, Logan and Chris show up and Chris gets it wrong a couple of times. While he is still doing it the Cheerleaders and then TeamTexas both show up.  Tiffany is in a lot of pain from the tray and she can barely make it to the judge. She is saying she can’t do it anymore. After a few failed attempts, they decide to work together to figure which dish is which.  In the meantime, Chris finally gets it right.

Josh is on his way with a correct tray when Tiffany is almost in tears saying how much pain she is in… so Tanner LETS HER GO FIRST! Yep, he really did. Really. Sorry but you can’t be a gentlemen in this close of a race or I think he maybe trying to score, either way.  CONCENTRATE on the RACE!

They realize their huge, huge mistake when they see the are just outside the door from the Pitstop. No beating the girls to the finish because it is like 10 steps away and they got their clue first.

amazing race Tanner and Josh last place

Lucky for them, it is a Non-Elimination round. It’s hard to cheer for them when they do stuff like let people in front of them during a task!

1st – Justin & Diana

2nd- Kelsey & Joey

3rd – Denise & James Earl

4th – Logan & Chris

5th – Krista & Tiffany

Last place – Tanner & Josh – non-elimination