Amazing Race: King Of The Jungle S27 Ep5

We return to find out that Josh and Tanner had to decide who to leave their Express Pass for.  They decide on #TeamAlabama, 1. they have helped Team Texas a lot and they aren’t a threat.

express pass team alabama

The rest of the teams are finishing up the COOP Detour.

At the Pitstop Denise and James Earl find out that they get the Express Pass.

express pass team alabama 2

All the teams except the guy making the biggest deal of his donation, donated everything. Let’s talk about this guy for a minute:

team miami fights

He is at the Pitstop, standing with ALL THESE CHILDREN that live in an ORPHANAGE:


He starts yelling, “HUGE donation here, lots of money here”, “we are giving a lot”. As he shoves it in the donation box. Phil asks how much he gave and he said he gave $20. Phil then asks how much he has left and he STILL HAS $155!!!  This guy is a Grade A asshole. Boo for Team Paparazzi. It is only when Phil calls Logan and Chris out do they give all their stash. UGh. I hope they are next to go.


amazing race roadblock zambesi

Teams must jump off a cliff, into a gorge over a huge river, the Zambezi.  Look at this drop:

zambesi zip line swing top

Looks so scary and so fun!  Justin is the first to go, then Josh.

tanner amazing race swing

tanner amazing race swing 2

They both go for it, no hesitation. Tanner tells the camera that if it were up to him they might be going home because he doesn’t think he could do it.

Detour – Crocs or Canoes

In Crocs, teams are lowered into a croc tank while in a cage. They must feed the crocs.

Amazing race Detour crocs

In Canoes, teams must canoe across the river, be pulled up a tree by their partner to retrieve a clue from a vulture’s nest.

Amazing race Detour canoes

Justin and Diana choose canoes just ahead of Tanner and Josh. Team Texas thinks they can beat the Green Team but that is not how it works out. Justin used to teach canoe boating and Diana was on her high school rowing team! They cruise…

amazing race canoes team green texas


amazing race teams headed the wrong way

Logan & Chris and the Doctors arrive at the swing at the same time, they are in a frantic state of mind. They read the clue, the Doctors then take off for their cab, the Paparazzi follow without even looking around…

amazing race teams headed the wrong way 2

The area they are supposed to go to is just down the path.  The paparazzis cab driver knows this is not right, so he goes to ask other cabbies and Chris starts yelling at him to go and follow the Doctors cab. He then tells them…

amazing race team miami cab tells them

But they just say they don’t understand and tell him to follow the other cab.  Pretty soon, the Doctors realize their mistake and they turn around. In the meantime, 2 OTHER teams arrive at the swing and get in ahead of them both. Just when one cheerleader gets down the other is determined. They find out from the trackstars that the other 2 teams messed up. There is hope!

cheerleaders discouraged

cheerleaders trackstars amazing race

They are all stoked. The doctors and the paparazzi are kicking themselves, mainly the paparazzi, Logan and Chris for just blindly following the doctors.  They cannot do anything but wait their turn.  All the teams head to Crocs after this…

Amazing race Detour crocs 2

When Denise and James Earl arrived at the crocs they used their Express Pass:

amazing race team alabama express pass

Logan and Chris are still in last. The track star sisters are first to the crocs so they will be first done.  Chris tries to get Logan to leave since they have to wait. They decided to stay after changing clothes a couple of times.


amazing race logan chris

When Jazmine and Danielle finish they head down the path and get confused as to where to go… they end up heading towards the Pitstop!

trackstars wrong

They see Phil and realize something is wrong. They leave and go back.

amazing race royal treatment

Now teams must walk with lions, the king of the jungle, literally to get their next clue. That shit is craaazy!

amazing race lion

The Reporters, Green Team, and Team Texas all do it and move on to the Pitstop area where they will have to balance a basket of fruit on their head to the carpet to meet Phil.

Jazmine and Danielle make their way back to the Lion Walk, they do the course, return only to realize that now they have forgotten to grab the next clue! They have to wait for the Paparazzi and the doctors to return!  Man o man, they blew it.

1st – James Earl and Denise thanks to the Express Pass

2nd – Justin and Diana

3rd – Tanner and Josh

4th – Kelsey and Joey

5th – Tiffany and Krista (good job with perseverance!)

6th – Logan and Chris

Eliminated – Jazmine and Danielle #TrackStars

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