Amazing Race In It To Win It S26 E11

Still in Peru

They start off having to find the world’s largest mosaic, it’s in Trujillo, Peru.  I think he said there are like 30 million tiles. They have to find a tiny clue on it. To win is not always easy.

Amazing Race Mosaic

I don’t know how the hell Blair finds one so quickly, it seems like under a minute! Phil is still there hanging out. He is live narrating, I love when he does that.

Detour – Shake Your Hips or Make Some Bricks

Shake Your Hips – teams must learn a traditional dance, step by step and then perform it.

Make Some Bricks – teams must go to an archaeological dig site and make bricks. After they make them, they must deliver them.

Hayley and Blair are in first on their way to the Detour.

Jenny and Jelani arrive at the mosaic. Mike and Rochelle are on their way there.  Tyler and Laura are just now leaving the start point, they are last to depart.

Mike and Rochelle are in some crotchety cab that is about to fall apart and the driver is using the E-brake to go down the Andes mountains! The driver finally pulls over, his car is done.  Laura and Tyler drive by and see them broke down, they are happy. They said they do feel bad, but it’s for a million bucks.  They mention how they kind of wish it was Hayley and Blair.

Jenny and Jelani choose Shake Your Hips.  They do pretty good, I think, but the judge makes them do it again and asks for more eye contact.

Jenny Jelani Dance

Hayley and Blair work hard and get the brick detour done.

OMGoodness. The judge is making Jenny and Jelani go again. I think they are doing fine, gee. She does not like his poncho flying up.

As soon as Mike and Rochelle try to make a brick but can’t, they leave and take off for the dancing detour.

Road Block – Don’t Rock the Boat 

Amazing Race Blair

They have to ride out on these long boats, ride out into the ocean. Blair is a paddle-boarder and thinks this should be easy. Poor dude finds out that is not the case.  He cannot stay on this thing.


Laura and Tyler get 4 bricks smashed, they do them over and get approval to deliver.  They head out and Tyler is a beast, he hauls 12 at a time.  They have tons of momentum, then turn the corner and see that they have a looooong way to go. They don’t realize they are already kicking butt due to the fact that it took Blair and Hayley two trips.

Amazing Race Bricks

Laura and Tyler finally make it, Tyler says it is the most physically challenging one of the whole race.  When puts down the brick she was carrying, it breaks and they have to go back and get one more.  🙁

Road Block

Poor Jelani’s turn to get his butt kicked in the ocean, he gets it too.  Jenny is narrating his struggles from the beach and she says the boat is riding him and giggles. hee hee

Amazing Race Jenny

She quickly feels bad and takes it back.

Meanwhile, Mike and Rochelle are on their fifth attempt at dancing.  They should have stayed with bricks but that would have been so long too.  I think they are going to be out.

Pit Stop 

Blair and Hayley are first to arrive, they are on a roll.  I have mixed feelings about this team. They won a trip for 2 to India.  Gee thanks Phil.

Hayley Blair First

Jenny and Jelani are second.

Jenny Jelani Second

Back at the Boats

Laura is rocking it. Mike and Rochelle show up, this is closer than I thought. Laura and Tyler finish as Rochelle struggles. The ocean is kicking her butt.  She is exhausted. But she rallies, she does not give up. Right on Rochelle.

They finally make it to the Pit Stop.  They are last BUT it’s not over! They are still in it!  Phil tells them the race is still on!

Mike Rochelle Amazing Race

Until next week!

Peru Amazing Race