Amazing Race ‘I Got the Smartest’ S 26 E 2

I have to start off by saying how very mad I still am at Mike and Rochelle for using that Road Block!!!  Nobody ever uses a Road Block this early, I mean really?  It is the first show of the seasons.  Jerks.


#theLegalTeam – I really like this team!  They are both easy going, friendly and they work well together.  #TeamJJ sorry I am still not feeling you. How in the world is J wearing falsie eyelashes on the race?  Will be interesting too see if she actually wears them throughout the season.  Something tells me I would have no makeup and my hair in a messy bun.  All day, every day.

They start off by sleeping in cubicles for the night.  Weird but maybe it’s a foreign thing.

Early in the morning they are off to Nagano from Tokyo.

NAGANO – #RoadBlock

New twist – they added a ‘Couples Date Card’!  One lucky team will get a relaxing time at a nice hotel at the next PitStop.  I like this angle!

Japanese box puzzle-  They must figure out how to open this box.  They have to go in a room with loud drums and cymbals clanging away, while they solve the puzzle.  I would go insane with those drums playing! I AM GOING INSANE WITH THOSE DRUMS PLAYING!

Meanwhile …. #TeamTuskagee decides to stop and take a selfie in front of the cool bullet trains that they are taking to Nagano.  I don’t blame them but they turned it into more of a documentary rather than a quick selfie.  They took so long they missed the train!  Man o  man.  They were cute to watch but … come on!  It is called a race.

Amazing Race Selfie Fail

My favorite team Tyler and Laura finish the box challenge first, thanks to Tyler’s smarts!

#TeamJJ finally opens the box and moves on as Team #4.

PIT STOP Chair or Share

More teams arrive at the box challenges as the first 3 teams are on to a food challenge. They need to choose between pushing each other around a speed skating rink or feeding each other noodles with chopsticks, should be interesting.  The worst part?  All while a fan is blowing full blast on your face.  OMG I would have freaked out and went crazy!  I Hate, with a capital H, wind blowing my hair in my face.

I am thrilled that my 3 favorite teams are in first so far. Yeah.  They are also singles.  It goes to show you that it may be better to do these things with strangers.  We have more patience and are more diplomatic with strangers. Seems to be working.

I hope #TeamSoCal, Tyler and Laura, will end up married, with kids, dogs and rainbows.

#TeamSoCal is done and on their way to the Pit Stop.  WAIT,  their taxi left them, it comes out they didn’t tell him to stick around! #TeamJJ, Jelani and Jenny,  told their taxi to stay, SMART MOVE! Haven’t we ALL learned by now, you never let your taxi go on the Amazing Race.  They are outta there before #TeamSoCal

The Ice challenge seems perfect for the #SochiTeam .

Team #1 – #TeamJJ, Jelani and Jenny

Team #2 – #TeamSoCal, Tyler and Laura

While others are finishing up #TeamNewKid finds the Date Night card.  #teamHairstylists beat #TeamBlondeDate at the Japanese box challenge.  I wonder – the people that struggled with this, did they NOT look at what the other peeps were doing around them? Haley doesn’t seem to ‘get it’ at all.

SUPER IMPRESSED that #TeamTuskegee got the puzzle challenge in about 2 minutes flat.  Made up for the missed train.  She mentions a good marriage omen on the way from the challenge.  Marry this girl already!

Seems like Bergen and Kurt are falling apart.  Noodle challenge proving to be too much.  They are loosing patience.  #TeamNewKid just beat them outta there.  This is so gross to watch.  Dude drops noodles on the table and then scoops them up and feeds them to his partner.  Disgusting.  I might have to take the penalty at this point.

Back at the Ice Rink, Rochelle and Mike are all over the place.  Poor Mike falls 2x and dumps Rochelle in the process.  The decide to switch challenges.  This could be karma for the U-Turn last week, yes I will NEVER let this drop.  Although, you have to give me some credit, I felt bad for them when they fell.

Team #3 – Aly and Steve

Team #4 – #TeamNewKid

Team #5 – Bergen and Kurt

Team #6 – Jeff and Jackie. Jackie says, “He’s perfect” and Jeff looks like the happiest man alive.

Off to Mike and Rochelle.  They switched Road Blocks so now they are slurping noodles.  Mike is gagging while Rochelle is sucking em down.  Again, this is so gross to watch.  At least it is just noodles, I suppose.

#teamBlondeDate are taking on the ice and are being very leisurely.  #teamTuskegee, Cj & Lebya, are on to the noodles.  It is down to these two teams.  I am cheering for #TeamTuskegee, they seem fun and are adorable together.  Does not look like #TeamBlondeDate are gonna make it.  They do!  They pull it out just when you think they are out. CJ and Libby are done too!  This is gonna be close!

Team #7 – Matt and Ashley

Team #8 – Mike and Rochelle

Team # 9 – Blair and Hayley

Team #10 – Libby and CJ _ELIMINATED 

Next week looks good, of course!  Does this show ever disappoint?

See you next time!