Amazing Race: Good Old Fashioned Spit In The Face S27 Ep4

Teams must now head to Namibia.

amazing race namibia

Once there, they get blessed by a spit in the face and then they can head to their first Roadblock at Victoria Falls.

Amazing Race Spit

Tanner & Josh decided to use the Express Pass.  Once they do and find out the Roadblock, Josh regrets their decision.

Amazing Race Tanner Josh

Meanwhile, Justin puts his two -cents in and tells us it would be a stupid strategic move to Roadblock him and Diana. Shut up! You better have not just jinxed them Justin!


1 person from each team must fly over Victoria Falls in one of these:

Detour Rise above Victoria Falls 2

They must find this flag and then get to it after they land:

Amazing Race flag Victoria Falls

Kelsey finishes Victoria Falls first. Diana is next. They spotted a flag on a bridge, now they must take a taxi to it.  Justin immediately tells Diana that he made a solid alliance with the #Reporters! Is this true?? They had an alliance with Tanner & Josh!Amazing Race flag Victoria Falls 2

Jazmine finishes next. The Doctors, the Mom & Son, and the Cheerleaders are on their way to look for the flag.

So here is what everyone is saying about the Express Pass. Josh and Tanner used it for the Detour instead of the Roadblock. This Detour only took about 20 minutes and the Roadblock would be about 90 minutes minimum.  Bad move guys! 🙁 They are also stuck in traffic so they do not have much of a lead at this point.  They are across the border in Zimbabwe which is where all the teams now must head. I hope they all get stuck in traffic too!

Danielle and Jazmin end up going into Zimbabwe when the bridge is actually in Namibia.  They see it from the cab and tell the driver, he turns around.

danielle jazmin amazing race Trackstars Amazing Race

Josh and Tanner finally get to their destination only to find this…

Amazing Race Detour

They basically did no good with their Express Pass and they are very upset about it. What a bummer.

Justin and Diana arrive and are talking major shit to each other about TeamTexas.


The next morning teams take off to a Detour. They must choose Co-op or Croquet. In Co-op they must help local artists to complete a giraffe sculpture. They must stain it and polish it all with toothbrushes.

Amazing Race Detour wood

In Croquet – they must score 5 points against a local player.  Justin & Diana, Tanner & Josh, and the Reporters (Kelsey & Joey) all go to this one.

Amazing Race Detour croquet

Before they start Justin & Diana and Josh & Tanner shake on it and promise not to U-Turn each other this leg.

GreenTeam Team Texas Shake

Justin & Diana finish 1st, then Josh & Tanner.

Amazing Race Detour croquet greenteam 1st

Denise and James Earl are there playing and they are whooping butt on Kelsey & Joey.  Mom and son finish first.  They did that FAST! They are in 3rd.

Amazing Race Denise and James Earl


Justin & Diana are first to the Pitstop, they choose to NOT U-Turn any team.  Cool! Then they get to the mat and have an opportunity to give their money to the orphanage where this Pitstop is. They give it all.  THEN they are told that they are STILL racing! They laugh, they love it, they love this game. They are growing on me.  Big time!

justin and diana pitstop

Josh & Tanner find that they were not U-Turned. They do not U-Turn anyone else either.

Tanner Josh UTurn Amazing Race

When they get to the mat Phil makes them choose who they are giving their Express Pass to!  They do not know who to pick!

Tanner Josh Express Pass Amazing Race

Then, this happened…

Amazing Race TBC



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