Amazing Race: Full Speed Ahead, Captain! S27 Ep7

Amazing Race Josh Tanner Paris Eiffel

When the teams take off at their designated start time, from last week… all the teams head to the train station to see if they can get an earlier departure from the one everyone is already booked on.  Except Tanner and Josh, they are so funny… they go site seeing!  All the other teams get are outta there.

They are all off to Rotterdam… all except Rick and Cindy, they got directions from someone from California!  Directions for the Netherlands! The train conductor tells them they should have gotten off in Rotterdam not on their way to Amsterdam.  They get off at the next stop and go back.

Amazing Race rotterdam central station

Detour – Ship or Skip

In Ship teams must navigate a computer simulation of a ship to drop off a captain and rescue an SOS.

Amazing Race Detour Ship

Reporters Ship Detour Amazing Race

Kelsey and Joey do pretty good, but it takes most teams about 4 attempts.

Amazing Race green team

All teams except the Cheerleaders choose Ship.

Skip – Teams must perform a double dutch routine with pros.

Amazing Race Detour Skip

They practice and then go for it. I am pretty sure that NONE of the others could have done this Detour.  They get it the second time. Even the Judge is super impressed!

Amazing Race cheerleaders double dutch

Way to go girls, they have showed perseverance, strength and positivity.  I like them more and more each week.

After they complete the Detour teams must do some calculating with their Fitbit’s.

Amazing Race Tulip Girl

God bless em, Tanner and Josh have a heck of a time subtracting. Once they have the number they are to take that number, in tulips,  to a cute Dutch Girl who will give them their next clue. Teams are now headed to Nolet Distillery.

Amazing Race Team Texas does math

First to Pitstop is Justin and Diana.  For every step they took that day they get $1 from Fitbit…

Amazing Race green team fitbit

Their total is $31,873!!  NICE Prize Fitbit!

Amazing Race green team fitbit win

Rick and Cindy end up taking a wrong Tram after the whole train debacle… now they must wait for a bus.

Amazing Race Cindy Rick at Bus

They end in last, just behind Denise and James Earl.

cindy rick eliminated Amazing Race

They are a great couple, I really like them and they kicked butt on a lot of Detours and Roadblocks!

1st – Justin and Diana

2nd – Kelsey and Joey

3rd – The Cheerleaders

4th – Tanner and Josh

5th – Denise and James Earl

6th and last – Cindy and Rick are Eliminated.

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