Amazing Race Extreme Blind Date S 26 E 01

I am so very, very excited that The Amazing Race is back on!  I love this show, always have.  My super-cool, super athletic sister and I have always wanted to go on it…. instead we became Mommies.  Adventurous? Yes!  Will anyone be handing us $1 Million dollars when we have raised ours kids.  Sadly, no.  Although, that is an interesting concept.  ONE DAY we will go for it, I just need it to stay on air for at least 5 more years.  Maybe asking too much, I know.

Now to the FIRST show of the new season.  The most extreme blind date ever!  I had to rewind and make sure I heard right.  WOW!  Interesting concept.  Would I do it with a stranger?  Ummm… yes.  But only if that was my only way onto the show.

Ok Jeff and Jackie?  Did this chick in short shorts just jump on this complete stranger?  #teamjj … this should be interesting.

Watching this I cannot imagine how this would be to do with a stranger!!  On the other hand maybe you exercise more patience with a stranger?  I know I can rake my dear husband over the coals but then accommodatingly not dote on stranger doing the same offense.  Sorry honey xoxoxo.

Plane tickets to Tokyo

Blair and Haley – Chatty Haley starts off by talking and talking and talking and talking.  He is not feeling it or he is like my husband and takes forever to speak!  Never know what is going on in that man’s mind.  Haley is all over him… what is he thinking?  Probably what we are, this chick is talking waaaaaay tooo much!  Can it!! 

#teamtuskegee Dating 10 years???  Wouldn’t you say that you have been together for 10 years?  Are they really just dating?  Do they live apart and go out on dates?  I need to know!


Haley and Blair with directions, wow, I thought for sure Blair was right.  Turns out we were both wrong.  Good job Haley.  I may like her more than Blair.  Fickle? Yes, damn it.

On arrival the teams have to pick…. Saké or Dance… UMMm not a hard choice, right?!! How did anyone choose dance?  I mean you ARE in Japan!! v It is Saké!  

Everyone that chooses the dance road block except Laura and her partner kicked butt in the dance, wow! They rocked it.

Finishing Up

Team #1 -Singles –  Jelani & Jenny – I like these two!

Team #2 – Singles – Jeff & Jackie – meh

Team #3 – Singles – Laura & Tyler – I like! Chemistry! #TeamSoCal

Tyler_Laura The Amazing Race

Team #4 – Dating – Aly & Steve – The Olympians

Team #5 – Dating – Harley & Jonathan – The Right Stuff – they are already wore out?!?  Next team to be eliminated, maybe…

Ok this is where I get really frickin mad!!!  A U-TURN??  Rochelle and Mike actually decide to use a U-Turn.  I find this be so flipping wrong!! Way too early for that!  Instantly, I do NOT like this team!!!  A-holes.

Mike_Rochelle Amazing Race

Team #6  – Singles – Bergen & Kurt

Team #7 – Dating – Mike & Rochelle – Boo, the “I am here to do whatever it takes for my kids, blah, blah, blah” couple

Despite being kicked in the teeth the very first episode, Jeff and Lyda, I feel for these poor people, I love their perseverance through two Road Blocks, you just never know who might be behind you, a good reminder to never give up!  All with a great attitude too!

Meanwhile, CJ & Lebya are lost! To be lost in a foreign country must be horrible, I feel for them.  They finally find their way.

Team #8 – Singles – Hayley & Blair

Team #9 – Dating – Matt & Ashley

Team #10 -Dating – Lebya & CJ

Team #11 – Dating – Jeff & Lyda _ELIMINATED

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