The Amazing Race Bring The Fun, Baby! S27 Ep10

Justin and Diana are still killing it!  They just got their sixth first place. They have totally gotten to me! I love them! They are full of life, happy, fun and awesome.  They start off to a Roadblock right away. They must fill up balloons, fill a huge net bag with them and then bike them through town and deliver them.  Justin is so calm and fun the whole time. He really loves having all the locals around. He gets them all riled up, it’s great!Amazing Race Justin and Diana India

While waiting, Diana starts putting temporary tattoos on children, she brought them for this reason. It is cute! Then, some adults wanted one too, lol! Check this guy out (Love IT):

Amazing Race Justin and Diana India Tattoos

Kelsey and Joey show up …

Amazing Race Joey Kelsey India

Justin is already back and getting the crowd pumped by dancing around. #RightON

Amazing Race Justin and Diana India dancing

The rest of the players show up, Logan and Chris, then the Cheerleaders and last, James Earl and Denise. During Tiffany’s time to ride through town people kept messing with her, then some ahole tore open her net on this bridge. Creeps. Felt bad for her.

Amazing Race India Roadblock


Phil announced that there will be a third U-Turn this game!  Once Justin and Diana make it there, they U-Turn Chris and Logan.  They are friends with all the other teams, so it’s a logical move.

Amazing Race India Uturn


Bring the Groom – Players must start a generator to light lamps, then they must carry all of it through town while escorting a Groom to his wedding.

Amazing Race India

Bring the Fun – Players must haul a carnival ride through town and deliver it to the wedding. Once there, they must give 8 children a ride.

Amazing Race India Streets

Justin and Diana choose Bring the Fun and they do bring the fun, they aren’t letting this opportunity pass them by. Smiles all around.m  Logan and Chris also choose this one, Logan yells at Chris the entire time. She needs to CHILL and be COOL!  I can’t say that I wouldn’t be the same way but she needs to change her attitude like yesterday!

Amazing Race Logan Chris

When the Cheerleaders choose which they will do, Krista notices all the kids around them and says hi to them, she is very sweet and very happy! It’s a cute moment!  The kids go wild!

Amazing Race Krista and Tiffany India

Kelsey and Joey choose Bring the Groom.  It turns out to be a grueling task. The generator isn’t your regular American style generator or maybe it is… from 100 years ago. It weighs a ton and the lights they must carry weigh a lot too! Ugh! Everyone chose it except Justin and Diana.  Logan and Chris have to do it because of the U-Turn. They are all pushing themselves pretty hard.

Amazing Race India Detour

Justin and Diana get their 7th first place finish.

Amazing Race Justin and Diana India 7th first place

In the end, Chris and Logan beat Denise and James Earl by minutes. Hats off to Chris and Logan for doing both and not getting to the Pitstop last. Hats off to James Earl and Denise for lasting so long, doing great on challenges and finding a way to bond!Amazing Race James Earl and Denise eliminated




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